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Are robotic mowers safe for pets?

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Discover the ways robotic mowers are designed with your pet's safety in mind. Say hello to a pristine lawn and happy, healthy pets!

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For pet owners, the safety of their furry companions is essential. When considering a switch to a modern lawn maintenance solution like robotic lawn mowers, a key concern is often, “Are robotic mowers safe for pets?” Below we’ll explore this crucial question, providing reassurance and confidence to potential robotic mower buyers.

Husqvarna’s Assurance

Husqvarna, a pioneer in the world of autonomous mowing since 1995, has ingeniously designed its Automower® to be pet-friendly. While it’s important to exercise caution (as with any machinery), a suite of built-in safety features are in place to protect your pets. Should the mower be lifted or tipped over, the blades will automatically cease operation. Furthermore, the design ensures a significant distance between the blade tips and the mower’s outer body, minimising the risk of accidental contact.

No Harmful Emissions or Contaminations

Unlike traditional mowers that run on fossil fuels, Husqvarna’s robotic mowers are battery-powered, resulting in no direct emissions. This green approach eliminates the risk of dangerous fuel spills. This not only safeguards your lawn from contamination, but also creates a healthier environment for your pets to relax and play.

Safeguards and Smart Technology

Modern robotic mowers are equipped with an array of safety features and smart technologies. If the mower encounters an obstacle, including pets, the blades are engineered to stop instantly. Advanced sensors and alarm systems add an extra layer of safety, deterring children or pets from getting too close. Furthermore, robotic mowers are designed to manoeuvre around obstacles, ensuring your pets can coexist harmoniously with the mower.

A Healthier Lawn for Your Pets

A robotic mower translates to a healthier lawn. Traditional lawn care companies often use the same equipment across multiple lawns, potentially spreading harmful additives such as pesticides, disease spores, or even parvovirus, which can be detrimental to your pets’ health. In contrast, a robotic mower dedicated to your lawn eliminates this risk, creating a safe and healthy play area for your pets.

The Smart Choice for Pet Owners

The answer to the question “Are robotic mowers safe for pets?” is a resounding yes. Opting for a robotic mower is a smart choice for pet owners seeking a safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient lawn care solution. With its plethora of safety features, smart technology, and eco-friendly approach, a robotic mower is the perfect ally in keeping your lawn pristine and your pets happy and healthy.

Ready to make the smart switch to a robotic mower? Browse our extensive range of pet-friendly robotic mowers today and take the first step towards a safer, greener, and more efficient lawn care solution for you and your furry friends.

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