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How long do robotic lawn mowers last?

How long do robotic lawn mowers last?
In theory, as all the parts on a robotic lawn mower are replaceable, they should last more than 10 years.

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Ever wondered how long do robotic lawn mowers last? You’re not alone. It’s on of the questions we get asked most when people are deciding whether to purchase a robotic lawn mower.

In theory, as all the parts on a robotic lawn mower are replaceable, they should last more than 10 years.

The key to making sure your Husqvarna Automower lasts is to ensure it is properly installed by a professional and is serviced annually by an authorised dealer.

An important part of helping your robotic mower last is to choose the correct mower for your lawn.

Choosing the right robotic lawn mower

We would recommend you first speak to a robotic lawn mower specialist to make sure the model you choose is suitable for your lawn. There are many different models in the wide Automower® range covering everything from smaller urban gardens to challenging areas up to 5,000m².

Can professional installation help the robotic lawn mower last longer?

Letting an authorised dealer like us take care of installing the boundary wire and charging station for your Husqvarna Automower will help your robotic mower work efficiently and last longer. We have the training and experience to make sure everything is set up and installed correctly.

During this process, we can talk you through the operation of your Husqvarna Automower. Knowing how to use it correctly can help to minimise any damage and increase the time it will last.

For example, to minimise the risk of having your machine get stuck or damaged, the grass has to be cleared of all rocks, twigs, tools, toys and similar obstacles. Also, if the grass is longer than ten centimetres you are recommended to cut it with a regular lawn mower one last time.

Does regular servicing make a robotic lawn mower last longer?

Yes! Much like a car, having your Husqvarna Automower regularly serviced by an authorised dealer will increase the length of time that it will last.

Our robotic mower servicing packages can provide anything from software updates, blade replacement and safety tests, to premium options like winter storage and home check-ups.

How long do the batteries of a Husqvarna Automower last?

The amount of time that the battery of a Husqvarna Automower lasts will depend on the set running time of the automower. To save your battery the time should be set according to the size of your lawn. This can be done during the initial set-up and adjusted throughout the year. During the summer months, the running time can easily be reduced without affecting the performance of your robotic lawn mower.

How long do the blades of a Husqvarna Automower last?

The amount of time that the blades will last depends on your soil and grass type. Generally, you will need to replace the blades every 1-2 months on a 1000m² area of lawn. We sell replacement robotic lawn mower blades which can easily be replaced in minutes using a standard screwdriver.

Does storing a robotic lawn mower inside during winter make it last longer?

Although Husqvarna Automowers are designed to operate in all weather conditions, we would recommend storing your robotic lawn mower inside over winter to increase its lifespan.

Before storage, your Husqvarna Automower should be cleaned and thoroughly dried before storing in a frost-free location. We would also recommend storing the charging station inside over the winter period.

We can provide winter serving and storage to help your Husqvarna Automower last longer and make sure that it’s ready for spring.

What else can I do myself to make my Husqvarna Automower last longer?

When it comes to making your robotic lawn mower last longer, regularly replacing blades is one of the things you can do to maintain a consistent cut.

Depending on the size of your lawn, we would also recommend spending some time each month cleaning any grass and debris from the wheels and chassis on your Husqvarna Automower.

If you have any questions or concerns about how long do robotic lawn mowers last, please feel free to get in touch. We can talk you through all the options available and the things you can do to ensure your new mower lasts for many years.

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