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Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4


SKU: 967 64 54-03-1

The Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4 is a new compact robotic lawn mower from Husqvarna designed for small garden lawns up to 400m² in size. This may be the smallest model in the Automower range, but it is packed full of  advanced features.


Working area capacity (±20%)

25 %

Maximum incline within the working area​

70 min

Typical mow time on one charge​

75 min

Typical charging time​

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Full Description

Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4 is a small robotic mower providing 24/7 lawn maintenance. Optimised for lawns up to 400m² with systematic passage mowing for precisely cut narrow passages, slope handling of 25% and carefree operation thanks to reliable mowing, frost guard and weather timer. Equipped with FOTA (automatic firmware updates) and easily cleaned with a hose means effortless ownership. Complete control from your smartphone with the Automower® Connect app and smart wall storage with the included Aspire™ hooks.

Equipped with three pivoting cutting blades and a choice of cutting heights ranging from 20mm up to 45mm, the Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4 will ensure your lawn looks well maintained at all times.

Key Features

Compact Dimesnsions and Simple Storage

The small size of the robot and the storage hook supplied makes it possible to hang your mower on the wall during winter, or alternativley on the Husqvarna Aspire Storage System.

Easy Cleaning

The exterior of the Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4 can be cleaned using a garden hose for an effortless cleaning routine.

Firmware Over The Air

Updates to the Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4 are sent automatically via the Automower Connect app on your mobile phone.

Automower Connect App

It is possible to control the Aspire R4 robotic lawnmower using your smartphone through the Automower Connect app. If the mower is able to connect to your home WiFi network, it can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Low Carbon Emissions & Low Noise

Being battery powered, this robotic mower does not emit any CO2 during use and is very quiet when mowing so will not disturb any neigbours.

Note: An installation kit will be required if you are installing this product yourself.

Would you like us to install your new robotic mower?

Would you like an additional 3 year warranty?

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